Sometimes criminal proceedings come

as a shock and sometimes they get it wrong

Just because the Prosecutor thinks your guilty doesn't make it so - by definition they think every one is guilty. Lets see what the judge says after all of the facts are on the table.


IVO Breaches

Breaching an Intervention Order is not a good idea.  While an Intervention Order is a civil matter a breach of an Intervention Order is a Criminal Offence with a real risk of going to jail.

Motor Vehicle Offences

While we love our motor cars, the speed and manner in which we use them on the roads can often get us into conflict with those who wish to regulate our roads

Regulatory Matters

Whether its the local council enforcing parking or animal control, or other authorities interfering with our lives many times these bodies can bring us before the courts.

Matters of Principle

Lawyers like people who wish to take on “Matters of Principal” as it is clear that that person has access to large amounts of money and can afford to fight to the death for a noble cause.

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